• Protect Your Website Data From Hacker Threats

     2018 has been the year of threat for many hackers and cybercriminals in action in cyberspace. Recorded in 2018 already hundreds of websites affected by cyber attack by defacing. One of the warmest of these is a cyber attack from myanmar to Indonesian sites. Many subdomains have been cracked because they have weak security vulnerabilities. But to avoid it all can be in use some anticipation to avoid hacking attacks from the increasingly widespread. One of them is the main make sure you regularly backup your most important data like the source code of all applications and databases.

    In addition, if your website has a weakness in the application system that often occurs error you can also use .htaccess to menghidden the gap. And also and can use to make reshuffle by retyping and fix errors in the codingan.

    For cms users like wordpress, joomla and other famous you can use the plugin provided by the parties of the website application. Because in general security plugins are provided safe and also help your webiste from scanners hacking tools. If you have php expertise you can use a firewall to block palatal hacking.

    For packet data such as dos / ddos you can use anti dos firewall and also you can use canflare service to ward off dos attack.


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